This is the calculator I use in my property analysis. It's a great tool to quickly tell if a property is worth spending time on.


For self-managers

When you invest in real estate, you're buying a business. And it's a business that takes a lot of work just like any other.

One of the keys to running a successful property is having effective systems and processes so I'd like to share what we use at Wits Property Management.


-The MinneInvestor

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Lease and Supporting Documents

Cosigner Agreement Addendum

Change in Terms of Lease Addendum

Itemized List of Common Deposit Deductions

Move in and Move out Documents

Move-in / Move-Out Condition Report

New Tenant Acceptance Letter

New Tenant Orientation

Tenant Duty Checklist - Vacating and Cleaning Instructions

Move-Out Survey

Tenant Communication Documents

Notice to Comply with Lease Agreement

Courtesy Late Rent Notice

Request Documents

Property management is hard, but these resources can help. Let me know what you need!

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